Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog 5 Keeping Track of Brushes

There are many ways that people commonly keep track of their brushes.  I'm sure you have done Window\Custom Palette\Organizer and exported the brush file you commonly use OR maybe export a brush file for every image done, as I do, because all images are DIFFERENT and require a different set of brushes!  But did that satisfy me?  Oh, no, I had to take it one step further (the Virgo in me) and that is the subject of this picture.
This image, first seen in "Blog 2-How to Sit in the Chair"... is a blow up to better show monitor #3.  Way to the left...but never left out...I use this computer while painting to show the brushes.  Here's the deal.
     I experiment with brushes until I settle on one best for the this example the feathers of the flamingo head.  I then record the stats of that brush INCLUDING all the numbers in the property bar.  It just isn't good enough to only remember which brush is used...size does opacity, resat, bleed and jitter.  When starting a new project I can say to myself   "didn't I have a great brush for this job while working on flamingos".  Of all the things I've tried in the past...a pile of "brush detail files" has been VERY useful.

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